Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Craftroom Check In.....

So many friends and family know that my craftroom has been in several stages of (un) organized chaos. Here is what it looks like today. I have been making zero cards or any other paper crafts...I haven't been in there for more than a few minutes in weeks.
That said...I did one day go through all of my yarn and organize it. That was pretty big. Does it matter the only reason I sat in there getting them all sorted and put into bins is because I was knitting like crazy and needed the second skein of yarn that I thought was in that pile somewhere? I don't think it does. The why it got organized is not nearly as important as it being done. Only of course to find that no...I did not have that second skein.
I don't know about you, but whenever I have a big undertaking like this, I get overwhelmed and it is just easier to close the door and ignore it. My craftroom in the state that it is in now gives me anxiety. It is so much to do and find places for everything and finally get every sheet of card stock in a home is daunting. I have thousands upon thousands of sheets of paper.
When I decided this is it! I will no longer let the disaster that houses my creative outlets, get the best of me and drain me of my crafty mojo. I LOVE LOVE LOVE crafting and paper crafting especially and I have done nothing since I finished with the cards for the bazaars. I did not even manage to get out my own Christmas cards this year!! How sad is that?! I make my own cards for goodness sake!
So I started cleaning it up in spurts. I have been going in there and setting a timer for 10-20 minutes. It all depends on what I have going on between the spurts, but it has been helping. One day I decided to knit and binge a show on Netflix, so between episodes I would go in the craftroom for 20 minutes. I have taught myself a couple of knitting patterns I was intimidated by, and I got the craftroom to a slightly less chaotic mess!

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